The Sites Project Authority (Authority) was formed on August 26, 2010 when seven regional entities, including several local water agencies and Counties, executed the Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement. The primary purpose of the Authority, as stated in the agreement, is to pursue the development and construction of the Sites Reservoir Project, which has long been viewed as an ideal location for additional offstream storage to provide direct and real benefits to instream flows, the Delta ecosystem, and water supply. In keeping their commitment to move the project forward on behalf of the region, the Authority has spent the last six years working towards this goal by engaging the public, various stakeholders, state and federal agencies and landowners, initiating the required environmental planning process, and conducting feasibility studies, among other efforts. The Authority is governed by a board of directors that works in close coordination with other groups in the region interested in eventual construction of the Sites Reservoir Project.

Board of Directors
Fritz Durst, Reclamation District 108, Chair
Gray Allan, Placer County Water Agency/City of Roseville, Vice-Chair
Jamie Traynham, Westside Water District, Secretary/Treasurer
Leigh McDaniel, Glenn County Supervisor
Don Bransford, Glenn-Colusa Irrigation District
Jeffery Sutton, Tehama-Colusa Canal Authority
Mary Wells, Maxwell Irrigation District
Joe Marsh, Colusa County Water District
Jim Jones, Orland Artois Water District
Dan Jones, TC 5 Districts
Greg Johnson, Western Canal Water District

Alternate Directors
Logan Dennis, Glenn-Colusa Irrigation District
Sean Doherty, Reclamation District 108
Gary Evans, Colusa County Supervisor
Blake Vann, Tehama-Colusa Canal Authority
John Viegas, Glenn County Supervisor
Joe Richter, Maxwell Irrigation District
Doug Griffin, Colusa County Water District
Mike Vereschagin, Orland Artois Water District
Doug Parker, Westside Water District
Tom Charter, TC 5 Districts
Josh Alpine, Placer County Water Agency/City of Roseville

Jim Watson, General Manager