A New Reservoir for a New Climate

By Jerry Brown | June 23, 2022

Author: Jerry Brown, Sites Project Authority Executive Director In a year of unprecedented drought, a policy brief recently released by the independent Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) affirmed the need to modernize our state’s aging water infrastructure and highlighted the opportunities to better manage our water supplies by capturing excess storm and flood outflow […]

Sites Reservoir: California’s Drought Insurance Policy

By Jeff Sutton | April 28, 2021

Jeff Sutton, General Manager, Tehama-Colusa Canal Authority Vice Chair, Sites Project Authority In California, we have experience with droughts. Drought is an inevitable and predictable reality for our state. In 2021, after back-to-back critically dry winters, California’s farms and our rural communities are facing a real and imminent threat as we approach the hottest, driest […]

Reliable Water Supplies for Reliable Food

By Mike Wade | November 10, 2020

Author: Mike Wade, Executive Director, California Farm Water Coalition Millions of people across our nation, and countless millions throughout the world depend on California’s farms and ranches for the food they eat every single day. California leads the nation as the country’s largest agricultural producer and exporter and serves as a vital link in the […]

Saving Water for a Drier Day

By Ali Forsythe | October 21, 2020

Author: Ali Forsythe, Environmental and Permitting Manager We often hear of the toll drought takes on California but, among the often discussed topics of a drought’s effects to agriculture, jobs, and urban and rural communities, impacts to the environment can be lost in the narrative. The fact is that the environment is high on the […]

Value Planning for a Better Sites Reservoir

By Jerry Brown | September 4, 2020

Author: Jerry Brown, Executive Director, Sites Project Authority Designing and constructing any infrastructure project is a major undertaking. Water supply projects come with a number of unique challenges – they require a delicate balance between water supply demands, project costs, and environmental benefits and risks. Their success depends on factors that may not come into […]