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August 2017

Title Page 

Executive Summary

Table of Contents

Acronyms and Abbreviations

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Alternatives Analysis

Chapter 3: Description of the Sites Reservoir Project Alternatives

Chapter 4: Environmental Compliance and Permit Summary

Chapter 5: Guide to the Resource Analyses

Chapter 6: Surface Water Resources

Chapter 7: Surface Water Quality

Chapter 8: Fluvial Geomorphology and Riparian Habitat

Chapter 9: Flood Control and Management

Chapter 10: Groundwater Resources

Chapter 11: Groundwater Quality

Chapter 12: Aquatic Biological Resources

Chapter 13: Botanical Resources

Chapter 14: Terrestrial Biological Resources

Chapter 15: Wetlands and Other Waters

Chapter 16: Geology, Minerals, Soils, and Paleontology

Chapter 17: Faults and Seismicity

Chapter 18: Cultural/Tribal Cultural Resources

Chapter 19: Indian Trust Assets

Chapter 20: Land Use

Chapter 21: Recreation Resources

Chapter 22: Socioeconomics

Chapter 23: Environmental Justice

Chapter 24: Air Quality

Chapter 25: Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Chapter 26: Navigation, Transportation, and Traffic

Chapter 27: Noise

Chapter 28: Public Health and Environmental Hazards

Chapter 29: Public Services and Utilities

Chapter 30: Visual Resources

Chapter 31: Power Production and Energy

Chapter 32: Relationship Between Short-term Uses and Long-term Productivity

Chapter 33: Irreversible or Irretrievable Resource Commitments

Chapter 34: Growth-Inducing Impacts

Chapter 35: Cumulative Impacts

Chapter 36: Consultation and Coordination

Chapter 37: References

Chapter 38: List of Preparers and Contributors

Chapter 39: EIR/EIS Document Distribution 



Appendix 1: Introduction

Appendix 2 – 2A: Alternatives Analysis & Alternatives Screening Process

Appendix 4 – 4A: Environmental Compliance and Permit Summary & Environmental Compliance

Appendix 6 – 6A: Surface Water Resources & Modeling of Alternatives

Appendix 6B – 6B4: Water Resources System Modeling

6B1: Project Operations

6B2: River Operations

6B3: Delta Operations

6B4: Regional Deliveries

Appendix 6C: Upper Sacramento River Daily River Flow and Operations Modeling

Appendix 6D: Sensitvity Analysis Using the Latest CALSIM II Model 

Appendix 7 – 7A: Surface Water Quality & California State Water Resources Control Board Constituents of Concern of Water Bodies in the Study Area

Appendix 7B: Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board Basin Plan Criteria

Appendix 7C: Surface Water Quality Analysis for Electrical Conductivity at Proposed Intakes

Appendix 7D: Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Modeling

Appendix 7E: River Temperature Modeling

Appendix 7F: Sites Reservoir Discharge Temperature Modeling

Appendix 8 – 8A: Fluvial Geomorphology and Riparian Habitat & Sedimentation and River Hydraulics Modeling

Appendix 8B: Sacramento River Ecological Flows Tool    

Appendix 10 – 10A: Groundwater Resources & Groundwater Modeling

Appendix 11 – 11A: Groundwater Quality & Groundwater Study Results 2007

Appendix 12 – 12A: Aquatic Biological Resources & Aquatic Species Life Histories

Appendix 12B: Fisheries Impact Assessment Methodology

Appendix 12C: Fisheries Impact Summary

Appendix 12D: Water Temperature Index Value Selection Rationale

Appendix 12E: Fisheries Water Temperature Assessment Summary Tables

Appendix 12F: Reservoir Water Surface Elevation Summary Tables

Appendix 12G: Smelt Analysis

Appendix 12H: Early Life-Stage Salmon Mortality Modeling

Appendix 12I: Salmonid Population Modeling

Appendix 12J: Winter Run Chinook Salmon Life Cycle Modeling

Appendix 12K: Delta Passage Modeling

Appendix 12L: Weighted Useable Area Analysis

Appendix 12M: Sturgeon Analysis

Appendix 12N: Yolo and Sutter Bypass Flow and Weir Spill Analysis

Appendix 13 – 13A: Botanical Resources & Special-Status Plant Species Potentially Occurring in Secondary Study Area Aquatic Habitats

Appendix 16 – 16C: Geology, Minerals, Soils, and Paleontology

16A: Soil Types within the Primary Study Area

16B: Colusa County Fossil Sites

16C: Results of the Paleontological Resources Literature Review

Appendix 21 – 21B: Recreation Resources

21A: Impact of Sites Reservoir Project Operations on Recreation-Day Benefit Values

21B: Impact of Sites Reservoir Project Operations on Usability of Reservoir Boat Ramps

Appendix 22 – 22A: Socioeconomics & Economics Analytical Framework

Appendix 22B: Reporting Metrics Tool

Appendix 22C: Regional Economics Modeling

Appendix 22D: Urban Water Supply Economics Modeling

Appendix 22E: Urban Water Quality Economics Modeling

Appendix 22F: Agricultural Supply Economics Modeling

Appendix 24 – 24A: Air Quality & Methodology for Air Quality and GHG Emissions

Appendix 25 – 25A: Climate Change and Greenhouse Gas Emissions & Climate Change and Sea Level Rise Sensitivity Analysis 

Appendix 25B: Climate Change Sensitvity Analysis using WSIP Climate Change Projections

Appendix 28 – 28A: Public Health and Environmental Hazards & California Superfund and Brownfield Sites

Appendix 28B: Mosquitoes and Other Vectors

Appendix 28C: Environmental Records Searches

Appendix 31 – 31A: Power Production and Energy & Power Planning Study (PARO)

Appendix 31B: CVP-SWP Power Modeling

Appendix 34 – 34A: Growth Inducing Impacts & Growth-Inducing Considerations for Municipal and Industrial Water Users

Appendix 36 – 36A: Consultation and Coordination & Supplemental Scoping Report

Appendix 36B: Scoping Report