Meeting Materials

December 17, 2021

Reservoir Committee/Authority Board Meeting

00-00 Agenda
01-01 Reservoir Committee Meeting Draft Minutes – November 19, 2021
01-01A Roll Call – November 19, 2021
01-01B Attendance – November 19, 2021
01-02 Authority Board Draft Minutes – November 22, 2021
01-02A Attendance – November 22, 2021
01-03 Treasurers Report
01-03A Treasurer’s Report
01-04 Payment of Claims
01-04A Report on Warrants Drawn for Payment of Claims
01-04B Payment of Claims Consultant and Vendor Invoice Table
01-04C Key Consultants Budget Status Report
01-05 Resuming In Person Public Meetings
02-01 Authority Board Membership Dues
02-01A – 2022 Authority Board Dues
02-02 Task Order Municipal Advisor (Montague DeRose and Associates)
02-03 Task Order Bond Counsel (Stradling, Yocca, Carlson, and Rauth)
02-04 Task Order Strategic Planning (The Catalyst Group)
02-05 Task Order Funding and Credit Reimbursement (Larsen Wurzel and Associates)
02-06 Task Order General Counsel (Young Wooldridge)
02-07 Task Order Federal Outreach (The Ferguson Group)
02-08 Task Order State Outreach (Dunn Consulting)
02-09 Task Order Water Rights Legal (Somach Simmons and Dunn sub MBK)
02-10 Task Order CEQA Legal Services (Perkins Coie)
02-11 Annual Budget for 2022
02-11A – FY2022 – Annual Budget Summary Table
02-12 Standard Consulting Service Agreement for Key Consultants
02-13 State ITP Construction Permit2
02-13P State ITP Construction Permit2
03-01 Operations Plan Version 1 Final
03-01P Operations Plan Version 1 Final
03-02 Water Right – Draft Application
03-03 Amendment 3 Status and Outreach
03-03P Amendment 3 Status and Outreach
04-02A Monthly Status Report
04-02B Work Plan Progress Reporting
04-02C Action Items from November’s Reservoir Committee & Authority Board Meetings