Meeting Materials

December 19, 2019

Reservoir Committee

00-1 Res Comm Agenda_Phase 2 (2019Dec19)

00-2 Res Comm_Attachment A_Draft Meeting Minutes (2019Nov21)

01-1.1 Res Comm_Staff Report_1.1.1 Assessment Findings (2019Dec19)

1.1.1_DRAFT Sites Organizational Assessment for the Nov 21 Joint mtg_Handout

01-1.2 Res Comm_Staff Report_1.1.2 Updated Org Chart (2019Dec19)

01-1.3 Res Comm_Staff Report_1.1.3 Recruiter (2019Dec19)

01-1.4 Res Comm_Staff Report_1.1.4 Darling Contract (2019Dec19)

01-1.5 Res Comm_Staff Report_Darling H20 Contract Amendment (2019Dec19)

03-1 Res Comm_Staff Report_Monthly-Status-Report (2019Dec19)

03-2 Res Comm_Staff Report_WSIP-WIIN_ACTActivities (2019Dec19)

04-01 Res Comm_Staff Report_Treasurers Report (2019Dec19)

04-02 Res Comm_Staff Report_Payment of Claims (2019Dec19)

04-03 Res Comm_HDR Task Order Amendments(2019Dec19)

04-04 Res Comm_B&C Task Order Amendments(2019Dec19)

04-05 Res Comm_Katz Task Order Amendments(2019Dec19)

04-06 Res Comm_BRI Task Order Amendments(2019Dec19)

04-07 Res Comm_ICF E Task Order Amendments(2019Dec19)

04-8 Res Comm_ICF F Task Order Amendments(2019Dec19)

04-9 Res Comm_CH2M Task Order Amendments(2019Dec19)

04-10 Res Comm_FugroTask Order Amendments(2019Dec19)

04-11 Res Comm_Staff Report_YoungWooldridget Contract Amendment (2019Dec19)

04-12 Res Comm_Staff Report_2019 Work Plan Update(2019Dec19)

08-1 Res Comm_Staff Report_Value Planning (2019Dec19)

08-1_Value Planning Ad Hoc Team Meeting 20191216 – Handout

09_Res Comm Work Plan_ Presentation (2)