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December 20, 2019 – Board Meeting

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0-0 Authority_Agenda (2019Dec20)

0-1A Joint Authority Board-Res Comm_Attachment A_Draft Meeting Minutes (2019Nov21)

0-1B Authority Board_Attachment B_ Draft Meeting Minutes (2019Nov25)

01-1 Authority Board_Staff Report_JCWatson Contract Ext(2019Dec20)

1.2_DRAFT Sites Organizational Assessment for the Nov 21 Joint mtg_Handout

01-2.1 Authority _Staff Report_Draft Organizational Assessment Findings (2019Dec20)

01-2.2 Authority_Staff Report_Updated Organization Report (2019Dec20)

01-2.3 Authority_Staff Report_Recruiter for Executive Director Position and Interim Executive Director (2019Dec20)

01-2.4 Authority_Staff Report_Status of Sites Project Strategic Plan (2019Dec20)

01-2.5 Authority_Staff Report_Darling H20 Contract Amendment (2019Dec20)

04-1 Authority_Staff Report_Monthly-Status-Report (2019Dec20)

04-2 Authority_Staff Report_WSIP-WIIN_ACT Activities (2019Dec20)

05-1 Authority_Staff Report_Treasurers Report (2019Dec20)

05-2 Authority_Staff Report_Payment of Claims (2019Dec20)

05-3 Authority_HDR Task Order Amendments(2019Dec20)

05-4 Authority_B&C Task Order Amendments(2019Dec20)

05-5 Authority_Katz Task Order Amendments(2019Dec20)

05-6 Authority_BRI Task Order Amendments(2019Dec20)

05-7 Authority_ICF E Task Order Amendments(2019Dec20)

05-8 Authority_ICF F Task Order Amendments(2019Dec20)

05-9 Authority_CH2M Task Order Amendments(2019Dec20)

05-10 Authority_FugroTask Order Amendments(2019Dec20)

05-11 Authority_Staff Report_Young Wooldridge Contract Amendment (2019Dec20)

05-12 Authority Board_Staff Report_Authority_Budget

06-1 Authority_Staff Report_Report on Res Comm Meeting (2019Dec20)

06-2 Authority_Staff Report_Value Planning (2019Dec20)

06.2_Value Planning Ad Hoc Team Meeting 20191216 – Handout

06-3 Authority_Staff Report_2019 Work Plan Update(2019Dec20)

12-20-19 Authority Board Minutes final & signed