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Revised Draft Environmental Impact Report/Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement

November 2021

Download all Chapter Sections here (93 MB)


Title Page

Cover Sheet

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Executive Summary – Spanish

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Project Description and Alternatives

Chapter 3: Environmental Analysis

Chapter 4: Regulatory and Environmental Compliance: Project Permits, Approvals, and Consultation Requirements

Chapter 5: Surface Water Resources

Chapter 6: Surface Water Quality

Chapter 7: Fluvial Geomorphology

Chapter 8: Groundwater Resources

Chapter 9: Vegetation and Wetland Resources

Chapter 10: Wildlife Resources

Chapter 11: Aquatic Biological Resources

Chapter 12: Geology and Soils

Chapter 13: Minerals

Chapter 14: Land Use

Chapter 15: Agriculture and Forestry Resources

Chapter 16: Recreation Resources

Chapter 17: Energy

Chapter 18: Navigation, Transportation, and Traffic

Chapter 19: Noise

Chapter 20: Air Quality

Chapter 21: Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Chapter 22: Cultural Resources

Chapter 23: Tribal Cultural Resources

Chapter 24: Visual Resources

Chapter 25: Population and Housing

Chapter 26: Public Services and Utilities

Chapter 27: Public Health and Environmental Hazards

Chapter 28: Climate Change

Chapter 29: Indian Trust Assets

Chapter 30: Environmental Justice and Socioeconomics

Chapter 31: Cumulative Impacts

Chapter 32: Other Required Analyses

Chapter 33: Consultation and Coordination and List of Preparers

Chapter 34: Revised Draft EIR/Supplemental Draft EIS Document Distribution


*Several chapters do not have corresponding appendices. In some instances appendix numbers and letters are not used in the RDEIR/SDEIS.

Download all Appendices Sections here (214 MB)

Appendix 1A: Introduction to Appendices and Models

Appendix 2A: Alternatives Screening and Evaluation

Appendix 2B: Additional Alternatives Screening and Evaluation

Appendix 2C: Construction Means, Methods, and Assumptions

Appendix 2D: Best Management Practices, Management Plans, and Technical Studies

Appendix 4A: Regulatory Requirements

Appendix 5A: Surface Water Resources Modeling of Alternatives

Appendix 5A1: Model Assumptions

Appendix 5A2: CALSIM II Model Assumptions Callouts

Appendix 5A3: DSM2 Model Assumptions Callouts

Appendix 5A4: HEC5Q and Reclamation Temperature Model Assumptions Callouts

Appendix 5A5: CALSIM II Model Delivery Specifications

Appendix 5A6: Model Limitations and Improvements

Appendix 5A7: Daily Pattern Development for the Estimation of Daily Flows and Weir Spills in CALSIM II

Appendix 5B: Water Resources System Modeling

Appendix 5B1: Project Operations

Appendix 5B2: River Operations

Appendix 5B3: Delta Operations

Appendix 5B4: Regional Deliveries

Appendix 5B5: Water Supply

Appendix 5C: Upper Sacramento River Daily River Flow and Operations Model

Appendix 6A: California State Water Resources Control Board Constituents of Concern

Appendix 6B1: Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Modeling, Salinity Results

Appendix 6B2: Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Modeling, Chloride Results

Appendix 6B3: Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Modeling, X2 Results

Appendix 6C: River Temperature Modeling

Appendix 6D: Sites Reservoir Discharge Temperature Modeling

Appendix 6E: Water Quality Data

Appendix 6F: Mercury and Methylmercury

Appendix 7A: Fluvial Geomorphic Setting Information

Appendix 7B: Hydrodynamic Geomorphic Modeling Results

Appendix 8A: Groundwater Resources

Appendix 8B: Groundwater Modeling

Appendix 9A: Special-Status Plant Species

Appendix 9B: Vegetation and Wetland Methods and Information

Appendix 10A: Wildlife Database Results

Appendix 10B: Wildlife Habitat Models and Methods

Appendix 10C: Special-Status Wildlife Impacts Tables

Appendix 11A: Aquatic Species Life Histories

Appendix 11B: Upstream Fisheries Impact Assessment Quantitative Methods

Appendix 11C*

Appendix 11D: Fisheries Water Temperature Assessment

Appendix 11E: Reservoir Fish Species Analysis

Appendix 11F: Smelt Analysis

Appendix 11G*

Appendix 11H: Salmonid Population Modeling (SALMOD)

Appendix 11I: Winter Run Chinook Salmon Life Cycle Modeling

Appendix 11J: Through-Delta Survival of Juvenile Salmonids

Appendix 11K: Weighted Usable Area Analysis

Appendix 11L: Sturgeon Analysis

Appendix 11M: Yolo and Sutter Bypass Flow and Weir Spill Analysis

Appendix 11N: Other Flow-Related Upstream Analyses

Appendix 11O: Anderson-Martin Models

Appendix 11P: Riverine Flow-Survival

Appendix 11Q: Other Delta Species Analyses

Appendix 12A: Soil Survey Map

Appendix 12B: Soil Map Units

Appendix 17A: CVP/SWP Power Modeling

Appendix 19A: Noise Definitions and Noise Calculations

Appendix 20A: Methodology for Air Quality and GHG Emissions Calculations

Appendix 20B*

Appendix 20C: Ambient Air Quality and Health Risk Analysis Technical Report

Appendix 20D: Photochemical Modeling Study to Support a Health Impact Analysis

Appendix 22A: Cultural Resources

Appendix 24A: Landscape Character Photos and Associated Maps

Appendix 24B: Regional and Project Landscape Description

Appendix 27A: Environmental Records Search

Appendix 28A: Climate Change

Appendix 30A: Regional Economics Modeling

Appendix 30B: Economics Model Comparison

Appendix 33A: 2017 Draft EIR/EIS Chapter 36, Consultation and Coordination

Appendix 33B: Previous Scoping Processes

Appendix 33C: Planning Aid Memorandum